Hello, Your Highness.

I am Dr. Tanja Isabella.

I want to welcome you, share a bit about my personal life, as well as my expertise, and why I love to help amazing men.

 As a young girl I was an athlete who played competitive sports and in all aspects I grew up a tomboy until I attended college. I loved being surrounded by amazing boys and men as I played sports and enjoyed my male friends company.

I then grew up and spent many years of my life were I was passionate about empowering women, through beauty and pleasure.

Over time I realized that many men would come to me for love, sex, or relationship advice since I was knowledgable, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to.

For several months I kept hearing the words that Queens Birth Kings, and The Goddess Heals The King... So The King Can Heal The World. I then realized how important it was to heal and empower men in the realm of sex, love, and relationships & by doing this I could assist both men and women in having the legendary lives they love. Men have struggled on their own for decades trying to get "it right". I am a great resource that can assist you in living a legendary life you love.

Why I Am I Qualified To Work With You?

  • I Am A Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach With Over 350 Hours Of Certifiable Education.

  • I Am A Certified Empowerment Coach

  • I Am An International Speaker & A Published Author.

  • I have been in an amazing relationship for over a decade that just keeps getting better. 

  • I have a Doctorate of Divinity & Spiritual Philosophy. Therefore, I can assist you with love, respect, and compassion.

  • I am on a celebrity make up artists international team and I have practiced Dermatology for over 10 years. While you might not be a man who wears make-up or needs skin care advice... I am a woman who works well with highly educated and extremly powerful men who need the upmost discreation, professionalism, and confidentialty.

  • I have studied under the world best seven figure leaders and coaches. Therefore, I am a woman who is committed to providing both quality and excellence. 

@2016 Crown Jewels Consulting International, LLC.


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